The titular robots of the roleplay: Eternal Rubicon. Famed for their power and destructive potential, a mystery surrounds these super weapons that is yet to be revealed.


Rubicon Series FlorisEdit

The first series of Rubicons ever seen on the battlefield and first fielded by the European-Asiatic Union against the Trilateral Alliance. Their arrival led to a major shift in the First Solar War allowing the EAU to gain the upper hand over the Alliance.

At least twenty units are known to be currently active.

RSF-002BA Solanum

RSF-004UH Quercia

RSF-008UH Salix

RSF-009C Alloro

RSF-010MLR Helianthus

RSF-011U Coinvolto

RSF-014BA Mandragora

RSF-016LLR Achilleos

RSF-025C Stasis

Rubicon Tactical NeutralizerEdit

The Alliance's response to the Rubicon threat by the EAU was the creation of series RTN. The initial project was to create weapons capable of stopping the Rubicons of the EAU. This changed when the means to create the Rubicon Core was discovered. This caused the focus of the project to shift, resulting in the creation of the first series of Alliance-aligned Rubicons.

There are currently only 5 units known to exist in the RTN series.

RTN-X03 Unyielding Destiny

RTN-X05 Exact Retribution

RTN-X06 Victorious Vindication

RTN-X07 Solemn Resolve

RTN-X09 Eternal Judgement

Rubicon CoreEdit

The key component of the Rubicon mobile suits, the Core provides both the large amounts of energy that Rubicons emit in comparison to normal mobile suits as well as the unique traits used by each one.

The actual means of constructing a Rubicon Core is unknown as of now.

Each Core allows a Rubicon access to both a Unique Trait as well as a Unique Activation. The Unique Trait gives a tactical advantage unique to each Rubicon while the Unique Activation is a trump card that normally drains a Rubicon of a majority of its energy in exchange for an attack that can change the battlefield in an instant.

A pilot can only make use of a Rubicon if they can 'synchronize' with this Core. The exact specifics of how this is achieved is unknown.