The RSF-009C Alloro is one of the five main Rubicons of the EAU side in Eternal Rubicon. It is piloted by Sylvia Hanaika.

Weapons Edit

JMC-C25 “Touka” High Frequency BladeEdit

An metal alloy blade that uses high oscillation rates to increase its cutting power to extremely high levels. This allows the blade to cleave through almost all known materials with little to no resistance, making it an extremely dangerous weapon to use. However, its extremely high maintenance and low range make it a much more rare sight on the battlefield as compared to its ranged (albeit less effective) Tamakushi counterpart.

  • Number Carried: 1
  • Range: 1 Square.

JMC-C15 “Akisame” Active Link WeaponsEdit

A pioneering technology in AI control and miniature design, the Akisame blades (or Akisame Units as they are more technically called), are miniature electronic units that take the shape of moving blades. Partly controlled by the onboard AI and partly by the pilot, these blades are meant to greatly enhance the Rubicon’s close combat ability. While they possess less potential for overall damage then using the Touka, they can be used in addition to the vibration blades and can also be used to engage multiple opponents at close range. A natural extention of the AI unit control system used by many AEU ground troopers. Unfortunately, the naturally larger combat area in space means that the system can be typically only used with closer range weapons (or ranged drones).

Typically stored in the frame of the Rubicon before being deployed.

  • Number Carried: 15
  • Range: 1-3 Squares.
  • Energy Consumtion: 15 each turn the blades are activated.


JMC-D06 - “Hinotama” Surge Disengage SystemEdit

A field of sensory nanoparticles that is capable of covering the entire battlefield, Kagami is an experimental system made to enhance battlefield observation and control. Capable of observing any action on the battlefield, Kagami can be used to provide battlefield vision that not even the most advanced battleship sensor arrays cannot match. In addition to battlefield observation, Kagami can be used to survey the interiors of space bases and spaceships, highlighting their weaknesses and movement inside.

  • Energy Consumtion: 75.

Rubicon Core Edit

Unique Attribute: Gravitational Particle Field - “Augustus”Edit

By constantly discharging a cloud of gravity altering particles of unknown origin, Allegro generates a field of permanent gravity around itself when in use. This, considering the normal zero gravity state of space generates a rather interesting phenomena, where Rubicons close to Allegro find themselves pulled towards it, while simultaneously finding it extremely difficult to escape its gravitational field. Once inside the field MNV is greatly reduced when attempting to disengage and any stationary objects are start to move towards the Rubicon. Larger objects find it correspondingly harder to disengage.

  • Range: 5 Squares.
  • Effect: -2 MNV on disengage.