The PMSI-Y10T Noir Wing is a special prototype Mobile Suit piloted by the Marchosias' Altoris Sao.


PSC-014SLS “Torsion Faisceau” Synchronous Beam EmitterEdit

The pinnacle of miniaturized laser technology, the Torison Fasceau is a system composed of 56 separate laser emitter ports, capable of autonomous aiming and shooting. This allows for an extreme amount of ranged variability, starting from wide range shots against numerous enemies to focused shots against specific enemies. The damage, radius and number of shots all play a part in determining EN cost, increasing as the scale itself increases. In addition, because the technology used is mainly based on traditional laser technology, rather than the more common solid light variation usually seen on Mobile Suit weaponry, the speed of the attacks far surpasses that of traditional weaponry, reducing dodging efficiency.

By focusing for one turn, it is possible to “supercharge” the emitters, leading to multiple concentrated attacks (A+ rank, up to 6) that are capable of completely nullifying any potential capacity for dodging or interception (as the speed of the attacks at this point is close to instant). The usage of this ability requires one turn of charging and cost 15 EN per attack fired (90EN for the full barrage).

  • Number Carried: 56 unit
  • Energy Consumtion: 15-90
  • Range: Range - 1-6 (can be increased to 10 by paying EN). Charged version is always fired at maximum range.


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